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With smaller cars growing in size to cater for the increasing demands of smaller families, the car industry soon saw a gap in the market emerging for a new type of car which fell into the void left behind by the smaller cars of yesteryear.

In 2011, SKODA introduced the Citigo. Designed for primarily urban life, the requirements were to seat 4 comfortably, with a good sized boot to cater for luggage or a shopping expedition. The size of the car was kept small by fitting smaller engines to the range that were mounted in a clever manner at the front of the car, reducing the need for a large overhanging bonnet. The results of this meant the car was only 4.2m long, with exceptional visibility all round.

“If you’re looking for the cheapest possible way of getting your own car and independence, the Citigo S is probably best car on the market”

The car originally only came with a 1.0mpi 60ps petrol engine, but soon the introduction of a 75ps 1.0mpi in addition to a GreenLine version of the original 1.0 60ps engine meant that customers had the ability to further define their car to their needs.

As the car was purposely built around being light & small with the inclusion of only the most efficient petrol engines to offer, the Citigo offers up to 87mpg on a combined cycle. The other key benefit of being so light and efficient means that VED per year is only £30. When it comes to performance figures, the Citigo still offers a 0 – 60 time of 12 seconds, but it’s perhaps more important to acknowledge the staggering responsive “nippy” nature around town rather than how it performs on a motorway slipway.

There is a choice of engines available in the Citigo, however choosing your engine is merely the tip of the ice berg when it comes to making your Citigo your own.

SKODA have cleverly allowed for almost an “open book” of options for you to tailor your car to you and your personality. Like the rest of the SKODA range the trim levels begin with the S as the entry level. The range climbs through to the SE, the Colour Edition, the SE L and the Monte Carlo.

“…don’t be too worried about insurance either, it sits in the the lowest group – making this car arguably the cheapest car to run in the country.”

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible way of getting your own car and independence, the Citigo S is probably best car on the market. Available from only £8,635, there is a low initial outlay and it’s followed by the standard 3 year warranty, 3 year breakdown cover and a tiny annual cost for VED. Don’t be too worried about insurance either, it sits in the the lowest group – making this car arguably the cheapest car to run in the country.

“the Citigo Monte Carlo – inspired by the historic ‘Rallye Monte Carlo’ offers a sporty alternative…”

While the Citigo S is a fantastic introduction to the Citigo range, the SE, the Colour Edition and SE L offer a little more refinement. The SE L sits at the top of the range and offers luxuries such as a universal phone holder, rear parking sensors, heated front seats and climate control. If you’re looking for something which is going to make more of a statement, the Citigo Monte Carlo – inspired by the historic “Rallye Monte Carlo” offers a sporty alternative to the Citigo SE – which includes privacy glass, black alloy wheels, lowered suspension and a graphics pack.

Various options are available on every trim level. These include the likes of a full length panoramic sunroof, a sporty stripe package (which looks fantastic) and an array of mad colours including Sunflower Yellow, Kiwi Green and Candy White.

2015, 2016 & 2017 What Car? Car of the Year

The Citigo has won numerous awards, the latest being the What Car? City car for less than £10,000. They recognised the SE trim level, and we’d have to agree that that’s the one to go for.

The Citigo SE is as cheap to run as it is to buy. Option free, the Citigo SE is only £8,200 and includes the essentials like remote central locking, air conditioning and clever little touches like a parking ticket holder and daytime running lights. VED is only £20 a year and it sits comfortably into insurance group 1.

All of the Citigo’s, including the sporty Monte Carlo are available as either a 3 door, or the more accessible 5 door. Whichever you go for, you’re in for a treat.

Best price SKODA Citigo deals

SKODA Citigo 1.0 MPI 60PS SE 3 DOOR

0 – 62 MPH


FUEL RANGE (combined MPG)

483 miles




Group 1


62.8 MPG

RETAILER PRICE (inc. all taxes)


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MPG Range

50.4 – 78.5 MPG

Price Range

£8,635 – £11,590

VED Range

A – B

We recommend

SE 1.0 MPI 60PS