Dealer Services

Dealer finance, warranty and accessories is the very best place online to get a new SKODA.  The service is completely free to use and offers no drawbacks.  You build the car, we ask our network of SKODA UK retailers to provide a quote, and within 24 hours we’ll email you back the best quote we recieved. No trawling through prices, no hassle or awkward negotiating – just an honest service providing a fantastic price.

As we only use SKODA UK retailers to provide our quotations, you are still able to benefit from all the advantages of walking in to your local dealer, with none of the drawbacks. customers can benefit from SKODA finance, part exchange, extended warranties etc – just as you would at your local retailer.  We’ve outlined some of the best features the SKODA UK retail network offers for you below.

SKODA Finance have provided fantastic quotations on brand new SKODA’s for over 15 years.  All of our quotations offer you a better deal than walking in to your local retailer. If you need to spread the payment of your new car over a period of time, all of the retailers within our network will calculate you a personal finance quotation – allowing you to pay a deposit and the balance over a period of time that suits you. If you have a car to part exchange against your new car, you may find this is all the deposit you need!

GAP insurance – Guaranteed Asset Protection

As our network of franchised dealers are SKODA UK registered, they can offer you GAP insurance against any car purchased through

When you order your brand new SKODA, your first thought isn’t always towards protecting your car against damage or theft.  After all, your car insurance is there for that.  Sadly, your insurance doesn’t always (and very rarely) cover the full value of your car, or worse still the value of your car against any finance you may have taken out to pay for it.

If the worse was to happen and your car was stolen and not recovered, or written off in an accident – you could be left in negative equity with your car!  GAP insurance is a smaller insurance policy designed to cover that difference, making sure you don’t have to replace your beloved SKODA with anything less than another great SKODA.

Once you’ve either accepted or asked for further details from the providing retailer about your quotation, just speak to them about how you can protect your SKODA further with gap insurance.

Part Exchange

Selling your car is at best, an unpleasant task.  The numerous phone calls, waiting in at unsociable hours for prospective buyers to not turn up, or time wasters wanting to drive you down on price.

Don’t bother.  Our retailers are all prepared to take your car in part exchange, they offer extremely good prices and best of all, and it makes the whole process of buying a new car simple and pain free. We simply deliver your brand new car, and take your old one away!  Remember, our quotation service is completely free and it’s absolutely commitment free.  Simply enter the details of your old car into the form on Step 4 of the process and if you accept the quotation, we’ll deduct the value of your car off the already fantastic quotation! It couldn’t be easier!

Extended warranty

Every new car provided through comes with the factory supplied 3 year 60,000 mile warranty as standard.  During that time you have absolute worry free motoring, knowing that in the very unlikely event anything was to go wrong with your new car, SKODA will fix the car through any of their franchised retailers and provide you a courtesy car.

Once the three years, or 60,000 miles has passed – you don’t have to be exposed to the costs of repairing the car, should a fault develop.  For a small amount of money, you can extend your warranty for up to 2 more years, giving you a total of 5 years peace of mind.

You can add this option on to the specification of any of the cars on, just look for the warranty section and the bottom of step 3.

Service plan

Every year, your new car will need a clean bill of health by way of a service by a SKODA trained technician.  Instead of being hit by large financial outlays throughout your ownership, you can buy a service plan which will cover the cost of three years servicing.  Simply add the service plan to the specification of your car at the bottom of Step 3, and enjoy cost free motoring for three years!

SKODA Accessories

If you’re looking for SKODA equipment or accessories that are not available as part of the build of your car, the SKODA UK retailer that provides your quote will also be able to provide other accessories and parts to complete your car’s look!

Speak to the Parts Department, who will be able to provide winter tyres, SKODA roof bars and cycle carriers, a range of SKODA cycling equipment as well as mud flaps, floor mats, boot liners and more.

It can be arranged for these to be fitted to your car before your car is delivered to you.